Tasks Those Under 21 May Not Know How to Do

Tasks Those Under 21 May Not Know How to Do

We all probably take something for granted that we know how to do. Some may play an instrument, have an artistic ability or have a way with words. Some skills are more mundane and have been replaced by technology. Through the years, these “skills” will eventually be lost totally. Here are some of the more common things that those under the age of 21 may not know how to do.

Write a Check

Writing a check has largely been replaced with other forms of transferring money, including debit cards. Other associated skills that have been diminished include balancing a checkbook or knowing how to cash a check. Getting stuck behind someone in a long grocery line who pulls out a checkbook to pay will likely be met with rolling eyes. Someone under 21 may not even know what is going on.

Mail a Letter at a Post Office

E-mail, texts and social media have largely replaced the need for writing a letter these days. In fact, many under the age of 21 may never have mailed a letter in their entire life. In fact, if you asked them to go to a post office, buy a stamp and mail a letter, they may not even know where the post office is, let alone the price of a stamp. It is not a criticism, it is just progress.

Make Popcorn (Without a Microwave)

Many older Americans have fond memories of making popcorn on the stove using popcorn seeds from a bag, oil and thoroughly heating and shaking them to the popping point. Today, that can be accomplished by simply placing a prepackaged bag of popcorn in a microwave for a couple of minutes. That’s amazing for an older generation who thought Jiffy Pop was “hi-tech”.

Drive a Stick Shift

Every once in a while you’ll see a news story about young carjackers who failed at their task because the targeted vehicle was a stick shift. While once popular, stick shift transmissions have fallen out of favor to the point where less than 4% of cars produced today are made with manual transmissions. No wonder so few drivers under the age of 21 know how to drive them.

Read a Paper Road Map

With GPS now having been available for decades, the use of road maps to find our way on roadways has become antiquated. Drivers under the age of 21 likely don’t see a purpose in such paper maps. In fact, with more than 96% of those between the ages of 18-29 owning smartphones, it is understandable why paper maps are no longer viable. Have you ever tried to fold one?

Use a Fax Machine

For many, fax machines were once a brilliant form of time-saving technology that seemed magical. A fax-machine was almost Star-Trekian in how it transmitted a written page from one place to another. When faced with a fax machine today, most 21 and under’s wouldn’t know what it does let alone why it would be necessary. Ask them about PDFs and Document Management Software (DMS) however, and they will probably dazzle you.

Things have changed, but protecting your financial interests remains the same. That is the foundation of insurance, to protect your financial future. Whether it is through home, business, health, life or car insurance, our team can help protect your assets. Contact us to discuss your situation and risk level. We will be happy to assist you with a complete loss-prevention review at no cost.

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