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Boat/Water Craft Insurance

Whether it’s a canoe or a motor boat, boat insurance can cover your boat.    Boat insurance products combines coverage for damage to the boat, as well as damage to others and their property because of an accident caused by you on one policy.

Boat and Auxiliary Equipment Coverage

This covers the boat you own against accidental direct physical loss or damage caused by an occurrence.  An occurrence is considered a loss or accident that occurs during the policy period.  This coverage also extends to your outboard motor and trailer if scheduled on the policy and auxiliary equipment meaning equipment not permanently installed aboard but customarily required or used to operate or maintain your boat.

In the event of a total loss, the boat will be covered by the limit of liability shown the policy.  However, the trailer, motor and other types of equipment will be included under for the actual cash value, meaning depreciation will be taken off the amount of these items.  These items are subject to the policy deductible, which the insured would be responsible for.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property is any property that is not excluded, owned by the insured or a guest of an insured while it is aboard your boat or being loaded onto or unloaded from your vessel.  This also includes fishing equipment.  Enable for coverage to respond the limit of personal property must be shown on the declarations page.  In the event of a covered loss the policy will pay actual cash value for these items and would be subject to the deductible shown on the policy and will pay no more than what is shown on the declarations page.

Commercial Towing and Assistance Coverage

Towing and assistance coverage is available on the boat policy.  This coverage will pay reasonable costs you incur following emergency services to your boat.  This includes service to your boat while afloat and away from safe harbor, and to the scheduled trailer while on land if help is not available.  Coverage includes towing of your boat to the nearest repair facility; delivery of fuel, oil or loaned battery (excluding the cost of these items) and trailer roadside service, including to the nearest repair facility. 

Boat Liability Coverage

This insurance will pay for sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay to others due to bodily injury or property damage caused by an occurrence out of owning, maintaining or using their boat.  The limit of insurance is shown on the policy declarations page.

An occurrence is defined as the loss or accident that occurred during the policy period.

Bodily Injury is defined as physical injury and bodily harm and resulting sickness, disease and death to others.

Property damage is defined as actual physical loss or damage to or destruction of tangible property belonging to others caused by you.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical coverage is provided for reasonable medical, ambulance, hospital, professional nursing and funeral costs to any person due to bodily injury caused by an occurrence while on, leaving or boarding the boat.  If payment is made under this coverage, it is not considered an admission of guilt.

Uninsured Boater Coverage

This coverage pays for bodily injury, which results from an accident caused by a boat operator who has no insurance at all to cover the injuries. This covers expenses for you and your passengers. The limit of liability for uninsured boater coverage is shown on the policy declarations page.   Why insured yourself for less than you would insured others. 

Non-Owned Boat Coverage

If boat liability coverage is provided, coverage will extend to damages for bodily injury, and property damage caused by an occurrence in the insured becomes legally responsible while operating a non-owned boat with the owner’s permission.  The most that will be paid is shown under boat liability coverage, and additional limits do not apply.

Additional Coverages

Additional coverages may be offered under a boat policy and can vary by carrier.  Contact your local agent to learn what additional coverages are offered.

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